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Gabe Brullwas the kind of hero in World War II that not a lot of people
heard about. As the Allied armies advanced across Europe from Normandy
to Germany, Gabe was one of the guys who ran communication wires to
keep the front-line troops in touch with their support network. It was
sometimes dangerous. It was never glamorous. It was simply necessary.

After the war, he returned to Kansas City to help wire the postwar
construction boom. A few years with other firms led him to believe he
could do a better job for people with his own operation. One of the things
he had learned overseas was the importance of a can-do attitude.

In 1955, after Brull Electric joined with another firm and Gabe bought out
his new partner, Clayco Electric emerged. The company was small then:
a couple of trucks, competent professionals and Gabe’s can-do commitment.
Over the ensuing years, the size has changed. The level of competence and
the can-do attitude have not.



Gabe's Medal

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