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As Project Manager for Miller Stauch Construction I have worked with Clayco Electric on over 30 projects since 1998.  We have worked on various types of projects, including manufacturing and warehousing facilities, retail outlets, and large scale office projects.  I find it a privilege to submit this Letter of Recommendation on their behalf. During the past ten years Clayco Electric has continually provided me with excellent service and support in all areas, but in particular I rely heavily upon their team for their Design/Build expertise and for their Value Added Analysis contributions.  Their work has been a major factor in the successes of Miller Stauch on many of these projects, and in my personal success as a project manager.  I consider Roy Thomasson and Russ Christopher both to be men of high integrity, and consider each to be personal friends as well as invaluable business partners.  I can confidently recommend Clayco Electric Company as a solid and reliable contractor, and experts in their field.They can be on my team anytime!

Miller Stauch Construction

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