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Who we are

Who we are

We’re still a family business, after more than 50 years. Not just family-
owned, but family-managed with the same concern for all employees that
we would have for family members themselves. Mike and Rich Brull see that
it stays that way. That’s one reason our staff averages more than 11 years
with the organization. Every electrician has spent at least five years in
technical training, and every staff member—regardless of the job—knows
that success depends on a positive attitude.

You’ll meet people like Roy Thomasson, a senior estimator, who’s been here
44 years, or Russ Christopher, a senior project manager with 22 years of service,
or Rose Fry, who’s been holding things together in the office for 35 years.

We now have a staff of 50, with 25 trucks in the field, and serve the greater
Kansas City metropolitan area on both sides of the state line. Customers who contract with us know that they’ll see the same good workers, time after time,
who understand their needs and their working environment.

It all started with Gabe. Click here to learn how.

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